The future of Humanizing is based on two visions that are perfectly coordinated

No 1: Bringing Humanity into Technology

We give Pepper her soul and bring humanity into humanoid robots

With our team of experts we are constantly improving Pepper’s abilities to interact and respond with human-like behavior to customers.


Mother tongue

We teach our humanoid robots a specific and leading language.


By creating a human-like character for Pepper we redefine human-machine-interaction.

Cognitive Infrastructure

We aim to create a vital cognitive infrastructure for all humanoid robots.

No 2: Bringing Humans into Technology

Being in two places at once

With one single click we give yourself a physical presence at a different place in the world. With our “Be Pepper” App and our Double Telepresence robot we give you the mobility to work and interact with colleagues and customers all over the world.


Be Pepper

Being in two places at once by humanizing the technology.

Customer Remote Support

With our solutions you can  treat humans that are afraid of humans more easily.

Fallback AI

Bringing humans into technology in case of escalation.

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