a Robot Master’s Solution 
to engage Social Life Robots

Connecting multiple robots

and combine forces from each robots strenghts.

Robots are not ready-to-use out-of-the-box.

Robots are set up as “special assistant” at public spaces to provide information and guidance, answering frequently asked questions, promotion and to bring people joy.

Robots are used at Receptions, in Hospitals and Elderly Homes, in Stores, Hotels, Fairs, Banks as well as in Museums and Universities.


No coding necessary.
Drag’n’Drop Customization.


Save high costs and time.
Be independent and DIY.

Change the robots mission with just a few clicks.

Get 14 days free trail to simply test without risk.

Be a Robot from distance

See and hear througth the robots eyes and ears.

With this Robot Operating Center, you can take control of a robot at any time. You see and hear what the robot sees and hears.

You can give a customer direct answers via voice and display additional content on the screen.

Navigate the robot and lead your customer to a specific point and offer a holistic customer experience – from a distance.

Design customized Conversations

Create different types of dialogs for unique customer interaction. All dialogs work offline. The dialogues are created within the project and made available directly on the robot. 

Thanks to our global partners, you can easily integrate chatbots for artificial intelligence into all robots and thus provide real conversation flows for customers.

Create unlimited flows

Create and manage your robots missions from anywhere. With a content management you can design your content online. You can easily add text, images, videos and boxes and edit them online.

Reduce your processing time even more by creating reusable templates that store all of your design information.

Robot Analytics to optimize usage

Collect all relevant data from every robot. Get information about the robot’s health, what content performs best, how customers rate the robots service or which apps are started most often.

Additional Apps for Robots

Our Apps serve a specific purpose and can be used for various use cases.


Get an entertaining Robot with Games, Dances, Presentations and custom Animations


Get a check-in Robot that greets and welcomes your guests. Suitable for hotels & businesses.


Collect Leads with a Robot right on the POS. Get relevant data from customers & retarget them.


Let the Robot recognize People and call them by name & provide different information


Take full control of the Robot and all its abilities. Instant speech, content & steering


A mixed reality solution that translates your body movements to the Pepper Robot

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