More Time for People

With the Elderly Care Bundle you do not need to create projects or customize the content.
This way you have more time for the important things – the people.

Directly Applicable

The Retail Bundle includes a pre-built project. You only have to adapt the content to your assortment of goods.
There is no need for time consuming project creations.


With our Banking Bundle you receive a pre-built project. You do not have to spend hours on creating contnen, you only have to adapt it to your services. While Pepper provides more general information, you can take the time to advise your customers in person.

Our out-of-the-box bundles save you a lot of time and relieves your employees!

Elderly Care Bundle

With our Elderly Care Bundle we provide you with a comprehensivsolution for Pepper’s interaction with your residents. Pepper can read short stories aloud and talk to the residents. The motion and memory exercises of the Pepper robot train body and mind.

All features

  • dancing
  • exercising memory
    • Memory
    • Tic Tac Toe
    • Quiz
  • calling for help
  • viewing photo albums
  • reading short stories
  • playing music
  • exercising motions

Retail Bundle

You can easily insert your assortment into our pre-built project – with only a few keystrokes and mouse clicks. The customization of your individual design is also done in a matter of seconds. 

All features

  • showing slideshows of promotions and products
  • embedding recipes
  • consulting on products
  • searching for products
  • navigating in your store
  • gathering feedback

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