Social Happiness

available for Pepper Android/Python

Our Social Happiness Package consists of Games, Presentations, Dances and small behaviors to entertain customers

Pepper Animations Library with 25 unique animations

Pepper is packed with animations that make the humanoid robot lively. You can use each one of the animations in dialogs or slideshows within our Robot Management Platform.

You can tickle Pepper’s head to start our most loved animation. Pepper is able to play saxophone, perform air guitar, mimic hoovering or play minigolf.

All animations come with sound and will attrac the attention of you customers.

Pepper Fives

The Pepper Fives is a small behavior that is part of the package. It consists of a fistbump, handshake, high five, low five and a hug that you can perform together with Pepper.

Memory Game


Let your customers play a cute memory game on Pepper’s tablet. The game is entertaining and is suitable for small children as well as adults.

Tic Tac Toe


What could be better than an oldschool game of Tic Tac Toe. You are playing against Pepper. You can try to win, but she is pretty good at it.

Guess my Pose


In this game Pepper will perform random animations and movements with its body. You will have to guess what pose is shown.

Let Pepper dance

Pepper has integrated different dances that are performed through animations and movements of Pepper and its head and arms together with sound. Let Pepper entertain your customers and create a big smile on their faces.

Send Greetings


With the Greetings behavior you can insert your name and the name of a friend and record the customised greetings video from Pepper.



You will get three different presentation behaviors that are named: Pepper Presentation, Animals and Vacation.

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