Market Experts in Telepresence & Social Robotics
with a love for A.I.


We believe in contributing social value by bringing humanity into technology


in Telepresence & Social Robotics with a unique global market network to achieve customer goals.



applications for specific requirements and environments. Benefit from our experts deep knowledge.


to create value for our clients in being flexible, agile and being an advocate for our customers interests.


about how to use Robots as a supportive tool in certain environment.

Our knowledge in Telepresence & Social Robotics allows us to support our customers in creating a Robot Roadmap to support their desired needs.

Our focus is to act as a value creator for customers and manufacturers from all over the world.

Since the beginning and in the future.

Customizing Apps

for specific needs and environments.
Not everyone has the same needs.

It’s getting quickly complex to fulfill all desired ideas. However, we are capable to combine latest A.I. technologies with specific system requirements Robotics use cases.

Integration into your systems or environment means to truly interact on a partner level by providing mutual knowledge to serve a common purpose.


by being in touch as partners.

Our team of experts guides customers in every step of their Robot lifecycle. From creating a vision that is executed by Robots, to setting up their behaviour and deployment at its serviced point.

Together we will develop a strategy to use robots sensibly in your business.

Arrange a non-binding and free initial meeting today to talk about possible areas of application for robots in your company.

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Humanizing Technologies

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