Manage your robots in one place

Manage your fleet all in once

With our fleetmanagement you can easily manage your Pepper robots

You can see all your purchased robots and the respective assigned project. You are able to quickly assign a different project to your Pepper and publish it, so your customers can be attract with different content.

All features are built to handle our robots without any programming skills


Robot Fleet Management


Standard Dialogs


Demo our Platform


Create unlimited Projects


Customisable Branding


Customize Dialogs


User Management

Design & build your personal project

Our easy-to-use Robot Management Platform allows you to create, manage, and deploy unlimited content and projects with few clicks

Create and manage your projects from your computer. Our state-of-the-art software allows for an optimal workflow. It is the gateway for you to make the most of what Pepper can do.

To create and publish content to Pepper’s tablet screen, get our Content Management System App.

Let Pepper talk to your customers

Create different types of dialogues for a unique interaction with customers

With Proactive dialog, you can add questions that Pepper asks the customer first.The Attraction mode gets Pepper to attract customers to get closer and interact.

All dialogs work offline. The dialogs are created within the project and deployed directly on the robot. So Pepper can speak to your customers even when offline.

Multi-language Dialogs support the basic functions of the robots

We are constantly updating our standard dialogs to make the most out of your robot

Our Standard Dialogs are totall free and directly integrated into our Robot Management Platform. Standard Dialogs make use of Robot Functions as well as greetings, random sentences and more.

Customizable Branding

Pepper's customizable tablet screen allows you to adapt your corporate identity

With our software, you can adapt your corporate identity to Pepper’s tablet screen and add your logo and content.

Create different types of content that are displayed as small bubbles on the tablet screen. If a customer touches a bubble, specific content such as a slideshow will be triggered.

Manage users through our Admin interface to enable access to the Robot Management Platform

You can have unlimited users to manage your projects, contents and robots at the same time. Create logins for each coworker who should have access to control a robot.

Click through a demo of our platform

We have built a Click-Dummy for our customers to experience our software by clicking through the interface and explore the features and functions.

Check out our additional Apps for Pepper

We offer Apps that are directly integrated into our Robot Management Platform as well as standalone Apps to control the functions of the robots.

Send a request via e-mail or give us a call +49 2761 80 10 440

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