Our Receptionist App is perfect for hotels, public facilities and large companies.

Get a check-in robot


Pepper can call the contact person of a guest to let them know about the arrival

Our Receptionist App is build a perfect tool for guest arrivals. You can create a phone book and import your employees contact information. 

If a customer reaches out to Pepper, the person can select its contact person from the phone book and Pepper calls them via phone.

The contact person will get a recorded information that the guest has arrived for the meeting.

Receptionist App User Flow

Guest arrives at the location

Pepper will ask the guest, if a meeting was scheduled.

Pepper launches Receptionist App

Pepper will ask for the name of the guest first.

Phonebook shows all company contacts

Guest can search for the contact person’s name and call him/her.

Pepper calls contact person via phone

Pepper will play a recorded message for the contact person.

Contact person picks up guest from front office

The guest is asked to wait for the contact person to arrive.

The Proactive Dialog Mode is the perfect addition for the Receptionist App

Get the Proactive Dialog Mode so Pepper can approach your customers first and guide them through your process.

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