Pudu is a service robot that autonomously transports small things from A to B.

Pudu is used in restaurants, hospitals, manufacturing plants and industries to transport dishes or products. Each tray can be loaded with a weight of up to 13kg.

Pudu drives perfectly to certain points, which you can easily create beforehand using software. Pudu improves automation in public buildings enormously.


Pudu recognizes the surroundings and navigates perfectly to preset points


Quiet & Stable

Pudu is built with high-quality aluminum and also compensates for unevenness with good suspension


With sensors and scanners, Pudu understands the environment and navigates precisely

Display & Audio Feedback

With sounds and the small display, Pudu communicates with customers and vice versa

Delivery Service Robot designed for
Restaurants, Cantine, Hotels, Public Buildings & Hospitals

Autonomous Mobility

Pudu is equipped with powerful chips and sensors. Together with qualitative software it is ensured that the robot fulfills tasks in different environments.

Dynamic Environmental Processing

Through artificial intelligence, Pudu recognizes objects and avoids touching them. Pudu moves perfectly between obstacles.

3D Radar Scanning

Using 3D technology, Pudu can quickly model the environment. This gives it perfect navigation at speeds of up to 1 meter per second.

Buy or lease Pudu starting from € 700 / month


Size 516x500x1288mm
Weight 35kg
Battery life up to 24 hours
Charging time 4 hours
Speed 0.5 – 1.2 m/s
Loading Capacity up to 13kg per tray


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