Our Proactive Dialog Mode enables Pepper to approach potential customers first

Get a lively and proactive robot


Hi, my name is Pepper! Have you ever been to our store?

No I have not been to your shop.

Oh no! Come closer and I will tell you everything about our current offers.

Completely customize Dialogs

Create Proactive Dialogs

You can create as many Proactive Dialogs as you want and assign them to a project.

Create Pepper Responses for different answers

If you ask a question, you have to predict the answer of your customer. You can create different customer answers and react differently with Pepper.

Insert animations to make the conversation more lively

Pepper is packed with lots of animations and movements that you can use, to trigger during a conversation. Pepper will act more vivid and emotional.

Control Pepper's Zones

You can customize the time Pepper triggers a sentence from one of your dialogs in each zone section.

Pepper recognizes people in three different zones: Proactive Zone from 0 up to 1.5 meters, Attraction Zone from 1.5 to 2.5 meters and the Solitary Zone from 2.5m.

The Content Management System is the perfect addition for the Proactive Dialog Mode

Get the Content Management System so Pepper can attract and inform your customers with content on the tablet screen.

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