Podcast with our CEO Tim

Our CEO Tim talks about humanizing technologies and the robotics business in the podcast of Berlin Robotics.

The driving iPad on wheels was the crucial point for Tim to deal more with the subject of robotics. So the telepresence robot found its way from Silicon Valley to Germany.

Tim has become more and more concerned with social robotic and asked himself the question: which robots will eventually accompany our everyday life?

So he got to know SoftBank Robotics, who developed a humanoid robot. He quickly bought a Pepper with Dimitrios, created a website and started experimenting with software.

Today a team of nearly 20 employees tries to meet the expectations of customers and users. Since Pepper is a humanoid robot, the user expects a humanoid behavior. That’s why we use our software to awaken humanity in Pepper.

To find out how we do it, listen to this podcast.

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