Pepper & Content Analytics Beta Version

We released our first Beta version of Pepper Analytics. Your personal report is generated daily. Each morning you will have the latest data available to analyse and optimise your apps and content on Pepper.

Apps & Content Performance

We track all interactions of your Pepper robot regarding apps and content. You can analyse which apps are triggered most your customers as well as what content elements are the best performing.

We track how often a customer approached Pepper and spoke to the robot. In our tool you can analyse what sentences are the most asked questions.


Become a Pepper Master

Join our Pepper Master Training in Vienna and become part of the Pepper Master Community. Learn how to interact with Pepper and expand your skills with tips and tricks to make your daily tasks easier.

How to add Guess My Pose to your project

>> show all Tutorial Videos How to add 'Guess My Pose' to your Project  To add Guess My Pose to your project just add a new custom behavior to your project and copy/paste the following trigger:...

How to use animations in dialogs

>> show all Tutorial Videos How to use animations in dialogs  To use sounds in dialogs use the trigger ^run() and insert the path of the desired animation within the brackets. What we want to achieve ...