Ready-to-use Creativity

Ready to use Managed Service

You don't have the time to regularly update Pepper's content?

We offer a Managed Service for all our customers who want their content to be handled by professionals. We offer a complete package where you can define the goals and use cases and our team creates entire projects including content and design tailored for your brand or product.

Our Managed Service Package


  • Ready-to-use Managed Service
  • Content Creation in CI Design
  • Dialog Update
  • App/Feature-Updates

Robot Management Platform

  • Admin Access
  • Fleetmanagement
  • Managing of Projects
  • Dialogmanagement
  • Usermanagement

We develop customized applications and behaviors

If you have a use case or an idea that needs to be solved, we can individually develop your application or Pepper behavior.

We have built several applications for our customers that were either integrated into our Robot Management Platform or an entire standalone application.

Custom Survey Application by Humanizing


We have a variety of knowledge to offer. Book a consulting service for the topics of Robotics, Development, Pepper Master Trainings, User Experience and more.

We are able to help you create a digital roadmap for the use of humanoid and telepresence robots within your company, at the POS or for events.

We offer different workshops in our brand new office space in Vienna

Use Case Research Workshops


Design Thinking is a perfect method to generate and test ideas to come up with a valid use case for the usage of humanoid robots in your business.

Pepper Master Training for Beginners & Experts


Learn how to interact with Pepper and expand your skills with tips and tricks to make your daily tasks easier.
→ Contents of the Training

Humanizing-Lab Visitations


Meet our robotic experts in beautiful Vienna and take a look at our industrial style office lab where our applications are developed and tested.


You can request our Managing Directors for speeches and stage. We’re constantly validating humanoid- and service-robotics sector to gather the most practical solutions for society in daily co-existence. “Service made by robots” is the title of a 40 min speech along the current robotics roadmap in a merging new world. Which developments might impact the most?

Send a request via e-mail or give us a call +49 2761 80 10 440

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