A Telepresence Robot that saves travel expenses

Double Robot

Be physically present yourself in a different place through the robot. Log into the double online and move freely in rooms and buildings. See, hear and speak as if you were there.

The double saves companies travel costs by allowing external employees to simply log in at any time for meetings, examinations and inspection trips.

for virtual meetings with customers or partners

for advice from virtual experts

for virtual tours of the property & real estate

for visits to hospitals and nursing homes

for controls in production plants

A Robot as an orientation aid

Temi Robot

Temi is an intelligent robot that flawlessly navigates buildings and rooms. It can be used in public institutions, at events or in companies as an orientation aid.

Thanks to the integrated screen, customers can also be informed and guided visually. Our content manager in connection with the location navigator enable an innovative customer experience.

for reception areas

for retail businesses

for hospitals & health facilities

for museum & point of interests

A Robot for innovative Marketing

Pepper Robot

Use the innovative humanoid robot to promote your marketing campaigns and content directly at the POS. Compare how the buying target group behaves and which content is really interesting.

The content manager in conjunction with proactive conversations make the robot appear lively and informative. And with our Analytics App you can track the click behavior, feedback and questions of your customers.

for retail shops

for receptions

for hotels

for events & fairs

Control Pepper & Temi with a few clicks!

A Service-Robot

Furhat Robot

Furhat is a social robot that communicates with us humans as we do with each other – by speaking, listening, showing emotions and making eye contact.

Furhat is focused on the academic market to attract researchers and students to bring natural language processing and emotional intelligence into physical life.

for public facilities & buildings

for businesses

for linguistic teaching purposes

A Transport- and Service-Roboter

Pudu Robot

Pudu is a service robot that transports objects. Each tray can be loaded with a weight of up to 13kg. Pudu navigates to certain points flawlessly and can also just drive around. It was developed to improve automation in public buildings.

for restaurants

for production facilities

for offices & canteen

for hospitals

Use the capabilities of the Robots for daily business

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