Investor Relations

We are open for strategic investments starting from € 1.6 Mio.


  • We offer a leading software platform for humanoid robots
  • We offer a high potential vision and execution strategy
  • We offer a valuable network and assets from the very beginning
  • We create industry standards, ready for a global scale
  • We’re passionate about “Humanizing Robotics & AI“

Please contact us by phone at +49 2761 8010440 or by email at if there is serious interest.


  • A highly synergistic partner on vision execution for Software & AI Technologies
  • Experience in internationally expansion strategy and scalability
  • Experience in establishing globally provider & reseller business
  • We’re seeking for a match in our core values in business ethics
  • We expect a long-term, deeply trustful relationship
  • We want to learn from the best!

Send us a request by Email or just call us +49 2761 80 10 440