Humanizing at the Tieto Event


On 31 January 2019 Tieto Austria inaugurated it‘s new office in the Millenium Tower at Handelskai in Vienna. As Tieto partners, we were participating and presented the diverse application possibilities of the humanoid robot Pepper to around 120 customers, media representatives and other partners.

The program included a podium discussion that offered the guests exciting insights into the topic of digitalization. Thomas Hohenauer, Managing Director of Tieto Austria, emphasized that at Tieto, humans are at the center of digitalization projects: “Without humans, all digital is nothing. And for us, it is often not the actual digital product that is the most relevant, but a very high quality and optimal comprehensibility in advising and accompanying our customers on their way to a meaningful digital future.

 Also at Humanizing Technologies everything focuses on humanity. We shape the future on the basis of two perfectly coordinated visions:

We bring “humanity into technology”. Our team of experts gives the robots a “life”, improves their abilities and makes them more human. With us, robots learn to react better to customer behavior and to evokes emotions. We are constantly developing the interaction between man and machine.

Our goal is to bring the ” humans into the technologies “, as like Tieto Austria we also focus on humans in the center of the digitalization, which is essential for it’s further development.

Our products enable you to be physically present in another place with just one click. For example with our “Be Pepper” App or the Double Telepresence Robot we give you the mobility to work and interact with colleagues and customers all over the world.

We have developed various software applications to create and publish content for the robots or remotely control them. We give all humanoid robots a lively cognitive structure.

Digital transformation can only work by discovering new possibilities and the optimal interaction between humans and technologies. We deeply believe in the potential of robots in times of artificial intelligence and are actively shaping the future.

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