How to use Shortcodes in Slideshows


A Shortcode is a link to to an element from a Dialog or a Slideshow. The Shortcode is always generated from the title of the element.

Each Content Element (Slideshow, Slideshow Collection, Custom Behavior, Website, Variable, Submenu) and each Media Element (Images, Videos) can be linked to from a Slideshow.

Be aware that you can only link to elements, that are in the same Project. The elements can also be in the Archive of the Project.

To link to another Slideshow, type @SLIDES and wait for the dropdown to appear or type the name of your Slideshow.

Content Elements:

  • Slideshow = @SLIDES_title
  • Slideshow Collection = @COLL_title
  • Submenu = @SUB_title
  • Custom Behavior = @BEHAV_title
  • Websites = @WEB_title

Media Elements:

  • Image = #IMG_title
  • Video = #VID_title
  • Sound = #SOU_title
  • Animation = #ANI_title
  • Animation = #ANI_title/start
  • Animation = #ANI_title/wait
  • Pause = #PAUSE/Milliseconds (#PAUSE/500 for 500ms)



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