Digital Mask Detection “Glen”

Use the intelligent Mask Detection for all entrances of your company, business premises or building.
The app can be used without a permanent internet connection and is therefore safe for data protection.

A Solution for your branch

Mask Detection Recognition Software Maskenerkennungssoftware


Supermarkets are public spaces and require special protection. Mask detection helps directly to contain the infection.

Mask Detection Recognition Software Maskenerkennungssoftware


Here, too, the need for protection is extremely high. Crowds of people must be reminded again and again to wear masks, even in public spaces.

Mask Detection Recognition Software Maskenerkennungssoftware


We know that we have the greatest need for protection, especially in the medical environment. On the one hand for the risk groups, but also for the personnel. 

Mask Detection Recognition Software Maskenerkennungssoftware

Public buildings

In every public building we have to protect ourselves equally. Especially at unguarded entrances mask detection is very useful.

Mask Detection Recognition Software Maskenerkennungssoftware


Financial institutions also have unmanned premises where people enter and exit and are required to wear masks.

Mask Detection Recognition Software Maskenerkennungssoftware

Your branch?

We are of course always curious to find out where mask detection and reminder can be useful for you.

Free of charge for single use

Installed & ready to use in minutes

Get the license key

Please fill in this form. We will send you a license key for free single use and all the information you need for installation.

Download the Android application

Download our digital mask detection here and use the app for one device free of charge.

or scan the QR code with your device to download the application directly.

glen mask detection qr code

Install Mask Detection

The digital Mask Detection can easily be installed on a modern Android tablet or more advanced one. You will receive all information about the installation in your first emails.

questions and answers

The most important FAQs

What about data protection?

Data protection is important to us and to you. Therefore we have decided to completely separate the mask detection software from the Internet. Only in the case of updates you will need internet for a short time. We assume that you then run the update outside of your customers’ use.

What exactly does the mask detection software do?

The mask detection software automatically detects if your customers wear a mask when they enter your premises. If not, the customer will be reminded in a friendly way and if yes, the customer will be praised positively.

What device do I need for this?
A normal Android tablet. The basic rule is: The more performance, the faster the recognition.
Most of the time, a nice stand is also quite useful.
If you want to equip several inputs, please call us and we will be happy to advise you.
What is the ENTERPRISE Version and where can I get it?
With a ENTERPRISE Version you can visually customize the mask detection software in your corporate identity style as well as edit the spoken sentences and roll them out to multiple tablets at once. In the near future there will be some more exciting features, but we will announce them bit by bit 🙂
Give us a call or simply write us a mail.
Why does Humanizing offer mask detection?

We believe that modern technology must be easy to understand and accessible to everybody. 

Together with our clients, we were working on an application for our robots to raise awareness to wear a Face Mask wherever it is needed. We quickly set the goal that this application should not only be limited to robots, but to every capable Android device. With this in mind, our unique multi robot approach made it possible to develop the “Glen Face Mask Detection” with the newest Deep Learning capabilities, while keeping it easy to install and ready-to-use in minutes.

Today, we are happy to share this application with everyone to raise awareness for the current situation in a positive, friendly and engaging way.

More options for Mask Detection

Customize your corporate identity, modify spoken sentences and manage multiple devices on your own with just a few clicks.

Send us a request by Email or just call us +49 2761 80 10 440


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