First Pepper Hackathon in Vienna


Take part in our first Pepper Robot Hackathon in Vienna. Develop new use cases for Pepper, the humanoid robot!

You work in a team with like-minded people and find new ideas. We provide you with Pepper robots to instantly implement and test your ideas.

The hackathon is 100% free for you. We provide food and drinks, goodie bags, pepper robots and cool prizes.



You have time to share with others and work with them on a real project. Develop a team feeling together on a weekend.

At the end of the hackathon, all projects will be presented. The best projects are awarded prizes from our sponsors. Of course there is also a goodie bag for everyone.

How to change the color of the Humanizing Logo

>> show all Tutorial Videos How to change the color of the Humanizing Logo   The Humanizing Logo is always shown on the bottom right corner of Pepper's Tablet Screen. You can adapt the Logo to your...

How to add Animals to your Project

>> show all Tutorial Videos How to add 'Animals' to your Project  To add Animals to your project just add a new custom behavior to your project and copy/paste the following trigger: ht_entertainment/animals...

How to deactivate a dialog

>> show all Tutorial Videos How to deactivate a dialog  To deactivate a dialog simply go into that dialog, select the desired group and click on deactivate in the toolbar at the top.  What we want to...
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