Our Face Recognition App can detect faces, emotions, gender and much more.

Let your robot recognize people


The Face Recognition App tracks 27 landmarks on a human face

You can use the App for Pepper to approach your employees by name. The more images the App gets from one person, the better the recognition will be.

The application is built with the Microsoft Face API.

“emotion”: {
    “anger”: 0.0,
    “contempt”: 0.0,
    “disgust”: 0.0,
    “fear”: 0.0,
    “happiness”: 1.0,
    “neutral”: 0.0,
    “sadness”: 0.0,
    “surprise”: 0.0

“gender”: “male”,
“age”: 38.0,
“facialHair”: {
    “moustache”: 0.6,
    “beard”: 0.6,
    “sideburns”: 0.4
} …

Detailed Information about the face expression of a human

Our Face Recognition App can be setup with Pepper to extend the abilities of the humanoid robot. 

The Proactive Dialog Mode is the perfect addition for the Face Recognition App

Get the Proactive Dialog Mode so Pepper can approach your customers first and guide them through your process.

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