Pepper’s Control Board for Stages and Moderations

Full control app for your robot


Respond instantaneously to the questions and statements of your counterpart with speech, animations and content.

With our event app you can control Pepper at any time with your laptop or smartphone.

We have developed different featuers so that you and your customers can have the best experience possible.


Instant Text-to-Speech

You are able to insert text and instantly play it as speech from Pepper. You can save most common sentences and trigger them with one click.

Instant Animations

You are able to enrich the conversation with a person by performing emotional animations and body movements of Pepper.

Content Sequences

You are able to control Pepper’s tablet as well. You can perform content in form of slideshows and show images together with speech and animations.

See through Pepper’s eyes and drive around

You can use your computer's browser, your smartphone or a game controller to steer Pepper.

We have developed the possibility to drive Pepper around with simple and easy-to-use controls.

You are able to steer Pepper with your smartphone browser as well as your iOS or Android phone.

For the best steering experience, please use the latest X-Box controller. If you want to use another controller, please make sure it supports HTML5.

Instant commands instantly performed

You can perform speech and animations instantly

You can directly enter text in the input field and Pepper speaks it out loud. You can also define sentences and save as your standards. These can then be triggered from your personal library at any time.

We integrated ready-made gestures and behaviors into the event app. You can also select more animations from a list and save them as your standards. This makes it easy for you to play animations within seconds.

Content Sequences

Perform images on the tablet screen together with speech and animations

You can create content in the form of slideshows and play it directly on Pepper. You can also create whole sequences and then have them played in your desired order.

The Proactive Dialog Mode is the perfect addition for the Event App

Get the Proactive Dialog Mode so Pepper can approach your customers first and guide them through your process.

Send a request by Email or by phone +49 2761 80 10 440
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