Double is a self-driving robot
that allows you to be physically present

Double 3 is a videoconferencing robot that you can remotely control online.

The Double helps humans feel more connected to other humans by providing a physical presence. With the Double, you can drive around homes, offices, hospitals, warehouses or building from any location at any time.

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Operational areas of the Double robot

Videos show Double 2 (former version)


  • Patient visit
  • Nursing visits
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Telemedicine
  • Patient monitoring
  • Distance training


  • Remote participation
  • Remote visit
  • Distance learning
  • Remote support
  • Overcoming impairment


  • Remote worker
  • Distance training
  • Employee training
  • InfoPoint 2.0
  • Events
  • Monitoring
  • Expert connection


The Double 3 recognizes the environment and easily bypasses obstacles


Flexible camera movements

The cameras can be physically tilted up and down. This is useful if you want to read documents on a desk.

Click to drive

Dots on the ground indicate where you can go with one click


Camera Zoom

Two 13-megapixel cameras offer a wide view and several zoom levels.


Moving easily in another place

Can be used worldwide through internet connection

Controllable via browser or app

Listen, see & interact like you are there

Become a Remote Visitor, Doctor, Expert, Student

within a pluralized world

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