Double is a self-driving robot that allows you to be physically present at any other location

The Double 3 telepresence robot is a videoconferencing robot that you can remotely control online.

The Double helps remote workers feel more connected to colleagues by providing a physical presence. With the Double, you can drive around the office, warehouse or building from any location, inspect, and attend meetings.



The Double 3 recognizes the environment and easily bypasses obstacles


Flexible camera movements

The cameras can be physically tilted up and down. This is useful if you want to read documents on a desk.

Click to drive

Dots on the ground indicate where you can go with one click


Camera Zoom

Two 13-megapixel cameras offer a wide view and several zoom levels.


moving easily in another place

Can be used worldwide through internet connection

controllable via the browser or app

Listen, see & interact like you are there

Operational areas of the Double robot


Regular meetings or trainings can be carried out inexpensively and spontaneously with a telepresence robot.


The remote-controlled freedom of movement and autonomy of a telepresence robot opens up new application possibilities.

Education & Healthcare

Information transfer via telepresence robots can be implemented much more effectively.

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