Control Pepper’s Speakers with Voice


With our Standard Dialogs in the Content Management System you can control the speakers of Pepper by your own voice. Just try the sentences down below and see how Pepper reacts to it.

  • ”Pepper mute”
  • “(Pepper) be quiet”
  • “(Pepper) please be quiet”
  • “set volume to 100 (percent)”
  • “set volume to 90 (percent)”
  • “set volume to 80 (percent)”
  • “set volume to 70 (percent)”
  • “set volume to 60 (percent)”
  • “set volume to 50 (percent)”
  • “set volume to 40 (percent)”
  • “set volume to 30 (percent)”
  • “set volume to 20 (percent)”
  • “set volume to 10 (percent)”
  • “set volume to 0 (percent)”


We are constantly improving the abilities of Pepper through the Standard Dialogs. Make sure to follow our blog or sign up for the newsletter to receive all updates in your inbox.

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