Our Content Management System allows our clients to easily create content for Pepper

Get an easy to manage robot


Create content that is shown as a slideshow on Pepper's tablet

Slideshows allow you to present the text, images, and video content you want to your customers.

Pepper can also speak during a slideshow allowing for a unique and interactive customer experience.

Create and manage your projects and content from your computer. Our state-of-the-art software allows for an optimal workflow. It is the gateway for you to make the most of what Pepper can do.

Create backgrounds to enhance the design of your buttons and your topic

We have created the possibility for you to add a background image to your startpage or other sub menus. If you dont want to use an image, just set a background color as your design surface.

With our online tool you can use multiple languages and set customised contents and dialogs. That let’s you interact and react to any customer in the world.

By creating submenus you can have 64 content elements assigned into one project

Your startpage consists of 8 buttons that can link to another sub menu that also contains up to eight buttons. That gives you an enormous amount of possibilities to present content to your customers.

We offer Content Creation for your Project

Get a custom design based on your corporate identity and your available content. Our designers are trained to ideally design content for Pepper’s tablet interface.

Send us a request by Email or just call us +49 2761 80 10 440