We enhance your chatbot with the emotional & physical presence of Pepper

Add a chatbot to your robot


We bring your chatbot to physical life!

Many companies already built chatbots as a service for their online users. Now you can give your conversational AI a face.

With Pepper you can let your customers interact with a humanoid robot as a chatbot. Pepper has the abilities to enhance a conversation through emotional responses and react accordingly to your customers.

A powerful partner ecosystem

You can easily integrate your artificial intelligence chatbot into Pepper thanks to our global partners

We are able to integrate 10 chatbot services into our CMS and Pepper. Please contact us for consulting to get the best solution for your existing chatbot.

Our partners are global brands who have created powerful services to enhance conversational AI.

We help you to make your chatbot Pepper-ready

We are able to help you build a high quality chatbot with our team of experts. We consult you in terms of interaction design, psychology and quality management.

Chatbots are more than speech and text. We support you during your development process to get a media-rich conversational AI to attract your customers.

We enhance your chatbot with the abilities of Pepper and deliver a quality assurance process to get the most out of the chatbot.


Human Resources Chatbot

Use Pepper to onboard new employees, establish a helpdesk for common questions around the workplace or create an IT-helpdesk that provides technical answers.


Product & Service Chatbot

Offer your customers a chatbot support about your products or services. Use Pepper to answer questions, guide and sell products and let customers pay instantly to raise satisfaction.


Retail Chatbot

Use Pepper to guide your customers through your store or company building. Extend your customer experience with a emotional and entertaining humanoid robot to impress people.


Visitor Management Chatbot

Let Pepper greet and service your customers or visitors. By its face-recognition Pepper can register your customers, call support personal and print personalised WiFi Codes to access the Internet.


Marketing Chatbot

Entertain and inform your customers of new products and services. Market everything you sell and get clear customer feedback to analyse the performance of certain services and products.


Change Enablement Chatbot

Pepper can help your employees cope with change and new things. Establish communication between managing directors and employees through Pepper’s abilities and its People-recognition.


Sentiment Analysis

The sentiment analysis checks the conversation for feelings. If the user is frustrated, an action is triggered and the conversation can be assisted by the support team.


The support team can review conversations that failed and train the chatbot to give the right answer the next time the question is asked by a customer. The support can also engage in real-time and answer questions the chatbot can’t.

Live-Chat Integration

With every chatbot a support team can be integrated to engage with customers in real-time without them knowing about. The customer continues the conversation as if it would only with the chatbot itself.

Human Hand-off & Analytics

If the chatbot does not know the answer, a human hand-off is triggered.

It sometimes can happen that the chatbot does not know the answer to a customer’s question. Therefore we have the possibility to integrate human hand-off.

If the chatbot cannot answer a support employee can jump in and answer the question without the user recognising the switch. This keeps up the customers’ satisfaction and reduces the amount of requests at the support center.

The questions that could not be answered by the chatbot can then be used to train the bot and improve its capabilities.

Get started quickly


No existing chatbot

If you do not have a chatbot, we can create a demo with existing information from your digital channels. To this end, we organise workshops to define a use case and to implement a proof of concept.

Existing chatbot

If you have already created a chatbot for one or more use cases, we will make your chatbot ready for Pepper to test a demo on the robot.

Chatbot Platform

If you have developed a chatbot platform, we can bring it to Pepper by connecting it to Pepper using the Humanizing Bot Connector.

The Content Management System is the perfect addition for the Chatbot Integration

Get the Content Management System so Pepper can attract and inform your customers with content on the tablet screen.

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