The Market Leading Software for
Pepper Android & Pepper Python Robot

The Robot Management Platform reduces the time-to-market for a Pepper Robot to an absolut minimum.

The Platform is packed with features to organize a Robot in Projects (Missions), Content and Dialogs for the Pepper Robot. We are constantly working on improving our Platform for our customers and develop new features.

Customizing without Programming


Design Content


Build Dialogs


Add Languages


Add Proactive Sentences


Deploy within minutes


Robot Analytics


Custom Branding


additional Apps

Create and Design unlimited Ideas

Create and manage your projects from anywhere. Our Content Management allows you to design your Content online. You can just add and edit text, images, videos and boxes by editing online.

Reduce your editing time even more by creating re-usable templates that store all your design information.

Build Dialogs and Setup Chatbots

Create different types of dialogues for a unique interaction with customers. All dialogs work offline. The dialogs are created within the project and deployed directly on the robot. So Pepper can speak to your customers even when offline.

You can easily integrate your artificial intelligence chatbot into Pepper thanks to our global partners.

Up to 4 Languages
on Pepper Robot

The humanoid Robot supports 20+ languages. With our German and English Language Package, you will receive standardised dialogs, that are frequently asked questions from customers, that Pepper can answer right out of the box.

Proactive Sentences that make Pepper much more alive

You can add Dialogs that Pepper will speak proactively if he recognizes a human being in front of him.

You are able to insert animations and sounds to make the conversations more lively. Pepper will act vivid and emotional.

Deploy your Project within just minutes

We have made it easy for you to create and install your Project on the Robot. Assign the Project to the Robot and press the update content button.

Robot Analytics to improve Content and Dialogs at any time

We collect all relevant data from the Pepper Robot. Get information about what customers say to the Robot, which Content performs best, how they rate your service or which apps are started the most.

Custom Branding

Pepper’s customizable tablet screen allows you to adapt your corporate identity. With our software, you can adapt your corporate identity to Pepper’s tablet screen and add your logo and content.

Additional Apps for Pepper

We offer apps for the Pepper Robot that you can use in specific scenarios.


Get an entertaining Robot with these Games, Dances, Presentations and custom Animations


Get a check-in Robot that greets and welcomes your guests. Suitable for hotels, insitutions and corporate businesses.


Collect Leads with your Pepper Robot right on the POS. Get relevant data from your customers and retarget your audience.


Let your Robot recognize People by their faces. The Robot is able to greet people or employees by name and provide different information.


Take full control of the Pepper Robot and all its abilities. Trigger instant text to speech, animations and content. Steer Pepper with your Laptop or by Phone.


“Be Pepper” is a mixed reality solution where the software & hardware translate your body movements to the Pepper Robot. Take a look.

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