available for Pepper Android/Python & Temi

Get a better understanding of your customers through robots & content analytics.

Get a deeper understanding of your customers

Our Analytics tool can help you optimise your content

We track all interactions of your Pepper robot regarding apps and content. You can analyse which apps are triggered most your customers as well as what content elements are the best performing.

Daily reports about your best performing apps & behaviors

We are tracking all behaviors and apps that are installed on your Pepper robot

You will get a daily report of your best performing applications. Furthermore you can select a custom timeframe to see all interactions over time.

This data helps you understand which behaviors of Pepper trigger emotions of your customers.

Content Marketing Analysis for Pepper

We track every content element that you created and is triggered by your customers.

Our content Analysis will help you understand which service or product your customers like the most.

Now you can compare Pepper’s analysis with your POS, digital and social media statistics.

Know what your customer asks

We track the sentences that your customer says to Pepper

You will get deep customer insights with our Dialog Analytics. You can analyse what sentences are the most triggered. That means, that you will exactly know what your customers are looking for and can react to their needs.

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