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Great humans with a passion for shaping a new Industry.
We deeply believe in the potential of Robots in the arise of A.I.

Tim Schuster


Tim Schuster’s vision is the “humanization of technologies”. As early as 2014, the trained IT expert recognized the potential of telepresence robotics. To transport oneself into technology as a human being (telepresence) is one of two fundamental components of the vision.

The other part deals with the question of how to integrate human-like, artificial intelligences in technology. In particular, humanoid robots, such as the popular robot Pepper, play a decisive role here, as these technologies are becoming more and more physical, accepted in public life and today’s society. More robot types and classes are expected in the coming decade.

Dimitrios Prodromou


Dimitrios Prodromou has completed his master’s degree in Robotics and Mechatronics in Vienna and has already worked on the predecessor of the Pepper Robot, Romeo.

The focus was on the individual programming of robot software. In doing so, he created applications that enable the robot to fulfill certain use cases and goals by using and even expanding the capabilities of the machine. He is considered an outstanding robot expert and today is responsible for all developments of the development team at Humanizing.

Sebastian Brunsch


David Toran


Michael Macher


Lisa Reiche


Malu Schymanski


Lorenzo Carnevale


Tobias Kölsch


Neil Ebrey


Sabrina Jung


Ann-Kathrin Thiel


Our Advisory Board Team

Prof. Dr. Utho Creusen

Prof. Dr. Utho Creusen has more than 30 years of leadership experience in executive positions, including: Obi, Media Markt and Saturn. He holds teaching assignments and honorary professorships at various universities.

As program director at the Management School St.Gallen, he focuses on shaping digital transformation and digital leadership.

Chairman of the Advisory Board of Humanizing Technologies, Prof. Dr. Utho Creusen supports the management in the direction of the company to a solid and long-term growth path.

Juliane Schiefer

Juliane Schiefer is Founding Partner of Signature Ventures, a Blockchain focused Venture Capital fund. She heads the New Ventures Department of Genesis Group, one of the largest cryptocurrency mining firms worldwide.

Before founding Signature Ventures she headed the Venture Capital department of CECONOMY AG and led the build-out and investment management of Drillisch AG’s Venture Capital branch.

She is an active business angel, attorney-at-law, board advisor and mentor in the Venture Capital space.

As Co-Chairman of the Advisory Board, Juliane focuses on capital- and legal-relations.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Druyen

Prof. Dr. Thomas Druyen is considered one of the most renowned wealth and futurologists in Europe. His current research at IZZ, the Institute for Future Psychology and Future Management, focuses on the psychological and neural conditions and concomitants of shaping the future, digitization and demographic change.

It deals with the question of how society can better learn and train its digital transformation in a preventative, anticipatory and precautionary manner. Robots in the public social space play a decisive role in this. As an advisor to Humanizing Technologies, Prof. Dr. Thomas Druyen supports the management for the ethical and value-oriented, as well as socially-harmonizing orientation of the company for the future.

Prof. Dr. Christian Stummeyer

Prof. Dr. Christian Stummeyer is one of the leading German digital experts. He is holder of the professorship Business Informatics and Digital Commerce at the TH Ingolstadt. He began his career with the Boston Consulting Group, then moved to the management of Siemens AG.

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, he significantly shaped the growth strategy of a leading online retailer of premium designer furniture. For several years, the experienced management consultant was the managing director of the management consulting business of the largest German digital agency.

He is also Scientific Director of AININ, the Bavarian Research Center for Artificial Intelligence in Ingolstadt, and Visiting Professor at the South China University of Technology in Guangzhou.


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