We deeply believe in the potential of humanoid and telepresence robots

Robots we’re passionate about

Pepper Robot

Pepper is a humanoid robot that was optimised for human interaction.

Double Robot

Double is a drivable iPad which allows to move around in remote places.

NAO Robot

NAO is a small humanoid robot that is able to welcome, inform and entertain your customers.

our partners

It’s all about “Humanizing”

most common USE cases

Bringing Humanity into Robots

Let Pepper welcome your customers. With the Receptionist app, manage guest check-ins with ease and be notified when guests are waiting.


Bringing another physical presence to the room

Regular meetings or trainings can be carried out inexpensively and spontaneously with a telepresence robot.


Bringing Humans into Technology

“Be Pepper” is a a mixed reality solution that uses VR technology and sensoring to mimic your movements to the robot.

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Bringing “life” to robots made easy

Through our software applications you can control all abilities of your robots. We have developed various applications to create and publish content or to steer the robots with your browser.

You can get your robot within days

We are helping you to find the best solution for your use case and purpose. Pepper, Double and NAO are powerful tools, that can be customised and configured individually.

Together with our software, the robots are flexibel and can be used in different scenarios. Just tell us what you want to achieve and we consult you with the best configuration and applications for Pepper, Double and NAO.

Our latest news

Control Pepper’s Speakers with Voice

Control Pepper's Speakers with Voice   With our Standard Dialogs in the Content Management System you can control the speakers of Pepper by your own voice. Just try the sentences down below and see how Pepper reacts to it. ”Pepper mute" "(Pepper) be quiet"...

Free online tool for securing your code

Free online tool for securing your codeHUMANIZING SECURITY SERVICE We have developed a Security Service tool that compiles and obfuscates your Pepper Behavior Code. Your code will be protected and hidden from external usage. The code must be written in PYTHON and be a...

NAO 6 has arrived at Humanizing Technologies Office

NAO 6 has arrived at Humanizing Technologies Office  Today our family grew larger as NAO 6 from Softbank Robotics has arrived. NAO is a 58cm tall humanoid robot, that can speak, see, walk, hear and perform animations. We have already pushed our CMS to NAO and all...

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